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About Earyummy

Earyummy is a cooperative media company inclduing, under this umbrella, a recording label, Earyummy TV, the Earyummy app and a games division. We are from two generations who have learned to communicate through usage of multimedia so we use the cooperative to create the approprate medium for the appropriate message. Earyummy was the first app-based magazine for iPhone and iPad. We now publish the magazine on Apple News and in print for free distribution beginning July of 2017, which is going to be our big launch for everything else. Earyummy has been in existence as a company since 2013, plugging along, so we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
We are cooperatively owned meaning all employees and founders share eventual profits. We believe the time of people working 80 hour weeks to make someone else a billion dollars. Besides, our goal is to make things and to help others who make things distribute their things. We are currenlty incorporated in Vancouver, British Columbia and based between Vancouver, BC and Oregon, USA with co-founders in Los Angeles and Chicago.

About Earyummy Recordings

Earyummy Recordings is dedicated to bringing the best new bands to the forefront. We are modeled after the legendary Dischord Label and split profits evenly with artists. We are best known for the Songs for a Punk Rock Prom Queen compilations of new and unsignged bands.

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