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Getting High in Dubai is orginally a DJ duo founded in 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2016, relocating to Los Angeles, the outfit became a foursome and released Lo-Fi Love. In 2018, Getting High in Dubai released a soft album, Songs for the End of California and an hard album, Deadly Emojis. The band takes synth sounds from the 70s, 80s and the EDM era and applies them to forms of music where guitar is usually the central instrument. Their lyrics contain wry observations on life, such as the songs She's so Hot but her Daddy's a Racist and Stupid Arguments. Most songs have both a male and female singer in order to blur the gender perspective of the songwriting. "We mostly write love and breakup songs which provide commentary on other aspects of life, such as the poltics of dating somoene who has a racist family and most songs have a little different twist depending on the gender perspective so we include both," lead co-singer and co-songwriter Inez said.
Currently the band is filming videos and putting together a line up for a 2019 tour, a year where the band also plans to release a song a week in a project they call 52 Songs. On stage, the band is known to pull from glam rock and performace art, with members adapting different personas.
Artists who inspire Getting High in Dubai include Orchestral Manuevers in the Dark, Silversun Pickups, Echo and the Bunnymen, Prefab Sprout, The Chameleons, Rihanna, Cafe Tacuva, early The Weeknd, Future Islands, Warren Zevon, Men Without Hats and 70s Piano songwriter music with "7 and 9 chords". Getting High in Dubai is also fond of melding trap beats with rock instrumentation.