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About Earyummy Records

Earyummy Records was founded with the grandiose notion of reviving the concept of the compilation which drove the music of the punk and new wave era as well as release new artists who could use the label as a stepping stone and artists doing work outside of the commercial space. We also wanted to do crazy and unusual things like reslease bands from Iran, as we have done with the Broken Menders EP in 2018, the first release from a band in Iran recording secular music, which is against the law to record in Iran. The label emerged from Earyummy Magazine and the Earyummy podcast, a podcast which started as a way to condense downloads of new albums sent to a former PR client of the label founders, The Blacksmoke Organization, (former members of the KLF and the Orb). The podcast was the first to play Adele's 21 and The Weeknd. That was a long time ago and now Earyummy is just a tiny label with a distribution deal.
Exposing new artists is still the goal and in 2018, along with the second and third volume of Songs for a Punk Rock Prom Queen, the compelation of new bands, we will be releasing compeliations of new comics and writers reading their unpublished novels in progress.
Because artists are the one who make the product, Earyummy is also dedicated to equitable royalty distribution, paying a larger percentage to artists after promotion and recording costs not incurred by the artist. We ran into a few hiccups after one of the founders was asked to be a witness in Chicago's infamous code of silence case< around incarcerated, former Chicago Police Officer Joseph Frugolli, (if one can call witness intimidation a hiccup).

Earyummy TV

Earyummy TV

Earyummy TV is video music televison for iOS, Roku and other platforms. Earyummy TV will also include music news and music-culture programming.

Earyummy TV

Earyummy Magazine on Apple News

This used to be the gateway on the web for Earyummy Magazine. It isn't anymore and here is why. Earyummy begins publishing daily on Apple News July 5th 2018. Earyummy is a national alternative weekly focused on exposure of the brand new. The magazine will also have it's own website as it operates separately from the label. We would explain the business semantics of all that but you really don't give a fuck, so we won't.